"Yoga at the Mirror"

Not currently scheduled. Please inquire if you are interested in hosting this workshop.

Spinal awareness is the crux of hatha yoga. A spine which can be both fully supported but supple and lithe is the secret to greater freedom of movement. Hatha yoga promotes healthy range of motion in the spine through gentle repetition of forward, backward, lateral and twisting bends. But as mobility and awareness increase, so does the desire to move beyond gross motor direction to focus on isolated, precise movement. Patterns of movement which efficiently get us through daily living, often become rote, and ingrained. It sometimes takes careful observation to pick apart the oft-repeated, and experience the subtlety of simple components of joint and muscle action.

Use this 2 hour workshop to be guided through a variety of familiar beginner yoga postures, listening to tips and cues to alignment. Use your eyes to try a variety of adjustments to bring greater length, strength, suppleness and ease to yoga poses. The guidance and format will provide a chance to become your own teacher, using the mirror as feedback for where we slip into habits and tend to limit ourselves. Class will conclude with soothing relaxation.

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A Deeper Experience

Yin/Yang Yoga workshop

Not currently scheduled.   Please inquire if you are interested in hosting this workshop.

Who: Almost anyone, some yoga experience will be helpful. 

What: An extended yoga class where the movement portion is a little vigorous, but not lengthy.


Come explore a cultural fusion of movement! Take a full two and a half hours of guided practice to learn the Flying Dragon Series - a 14 breath, moderately vigorous sequence that weaves Taoist movement together with vinyasa breath. Taught originally by Paul and Suzee Grilley, this sequence offers all the basic elements of yogasana – strength, balance, flexibility, sustained focus, and humble acceptance. Workshop format will be similar to an extended hatha yoga class offering breathwork, the Flying Dragon vinyasa sequence, long holds in hip openers and restoratives, and deep relaxation